CHIGO has joined NACSAR,the US top car racing for three years!
Release date:2019-07-01

300km/h speed overtaking, 3 hours high speed chasing, crazy racing between racing cars, fierce roaring of V8 engine... A competition of strength and skill, speed and time?will be displayed in?this top?US?car?racing?.?With?screaming cars?fleeting, engines roaring,roaring?engines,the No. 51 car sponsored by Chigo appeared in Chicago at the 5:05 pm,?June 28th, US time.?This is the third year of?Chigo's joint audience of the NASCAR car?racing.?

NASCAR, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, is not only one of the most prestigious?car racing?in the United States, but also one of?sports meetings that?the world's first-line brands compete for?sponsoring. The highly competitive and courageous spirit of the event attracts more than 150 million live audiences every year, and its TV ratings are far more than sports?events?such as baseball, basketball and rugby.?Through three consecutive years of brand cooperation with NASCAR, Chigo quickly gained popularity and further expanded its brand exposure in the United States.?In addition, through continuous and stable cooperation with local agents and distributors for several years,?Chigo?has also established a perfect installation and after-sales system in the United States, which will acquire and respond to consumers’s need?in the first time,?to?achieve sales growth.

Since 2014, Chigo has begun to?enhance?its global brand promotion and terminal image building, especially focusing on?its?market development in developed countries such as Europe and the United States.?Through?the bid for the 2016 Brazil Rio Olympics project, the sponsorship of the Spanish King's Cup sailing competition, and the online interactive and offline promotion of the “Worldwide Football Addiction”?during the?World Cup,??Chigo hopes to?make?Cross-border?sports?marketing. With the help of the international top-level event platform to?Chigo shows??the brand's upward momentum to the world, to convey the spirit of corporate courage to fight.